How to find a good plumber

You can start your search by different means, and the most frequent is to consult with family, friends, and neighbors if they have a reference to give us. Take advantage of the experience of others, because these people of your confidence will know honestly how good, fast and effective is the service of the plumber they hired.

If you have an architect or a trusted builder (maybe who made your house), call him and ask him for references. These professionals always have a portfolio of specialists to whom they subcontract for the works, and this speaks of trust and good work. Another option is to look in the telephone directory and in neighborhood publications, making a list of specialists with their telephone numbers and services.

Test to find a good plumber

Once you have the list of two or three recommended plumbers, call them to consult them about a basic service. Adjudicate that you have a pipe that is “about to break”, to analyze the answer, consulting when you could come to see the matter, what budget estimates for the work, and if you have any recommendation to give you. The good plumber will know to give you preventive measures (he can even tell you what to do to prevent the pipe from breaking) and will give you clear signs of his professionalism, sincerity, and honesty in the collections.

You can take advantage to consult other topics in the chat as if you are registered or registered in the municipality, what experience you have in your neighborhood or in general if you issue an invoice for your services if you have your own staff and others. After the call, tell him that you will continue investigating and that you will speak to him about any new inconvenience.